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Case study

Processing the cover for the board game

Environmental school facility

Lipka is a school facility for environmental education operating in several locations in South Moravia. The main activity of one of them, Rozmarýnek in the Jundrov district of Brno, is the preparation and implementation of educational programmes for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, thematically focused on nature, ecology, healthy lifestyle or even cooking or living.

It was for an educational programme aimed at increasing the financial literacy of children that Rozmarýnek asked us to design a cover for a board game for primary and secondary schools. Lipka wanted boxes that were eco-friendly but durable compared to paper boxes. The basis for the packaging was a box with a lid and an indication of the cards that were to have a divider in the box.

According to the brief, we developed the packaging from recycled plastic with rounded edges so that the entire surface of the box, including the internal partitions, is smooth, strong and durable at the same time.

We delivered a total of 30 boxes to the Lipka school facility.

We are extremely satisfied with the boxes. We like their smooth appearance, but above all the fact that they are solid. With the paper boxes, we struggled with the sturdiness of the liners because the cards inside would shift as we moved and the liners would stop doing their job within moments. The tabs in these boxes are firm and also pleasing to the eye as they are curved and you can't see the cut through the material.
We also have to appreciate the helpful communication and speed of production. And last but not least, we are grateful for the financial support, as the boxes were given to us as a gift.

Ing. Martin ŠromHead of the Rozmarýnek facility