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About us

Our innovative dynamic company Lemmacon s.r.o. specializes in the development, production, sales rental and other services related to returnable transport packaging not only for the automotive industry. Our team of experts with many years of experience in this field is ready to provide you with advise, development, rental, cleaning, manufacturing and supply of your desired packaging solution.

Our main motto is the versatility (complexity) of support and services provided to our partners - customers.

We deal with: 
  • Returnable transport packaging – production and sale of packaging solutions (standard and customized) and everything related to this field from design (R&D) to implementation using textile materials (textile inserts, cladding, sleeves), plastic (KLT & Euroboxes, foldable pallet boxes - MegaPack / KTP, corrugated plastic custom-made packaging or corrugated plastic separators and divisions, etc.) metal (metal pallets, trolleys, racks) and foam (inserts, fixations, dividers, separators,  etc.). 
  • Consulting –  advises related to design, supplier quality assessment, the recommendation of a suitable supplier, ROI (calculation of return on investment), SCM (Supply Chain Management), etc.
  • Innovations – innovations and improvers, taking into account the aspect of ergonomics versus handling with minimization of costs associated with the acquisition of the selected solution. 
  • Rentals (Lemacon Rental System)short-term rentals (e.g. as a bridging solution for the time before the new packaging is supplied) as well as long-term rentals. We provide the rental of standard foldable pallet boxes such as KTP or Megapacks, but also various VW and BMW standards (out of plastic or metal) or gitterboxes. For more information please enter in the LRS section.
  • Cleaning – we provide cleaning of your KLT boxes and Euroboxes, inserts, pallet boxes as well as plastic pallets and lids.
  • Re-using – sale, and purchase, of used packaging without physical defects preventing its re-uses such as pallet boxes (e.g. KTP), VW and BMW standards, KLT and Euroboxes, plastic pallets and lids.

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