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Buyout of packaging

We buy all types of reusable shipping containers in quantities starting from the low tens of pieces.

Offer us your free packaging

The most frequently purchased items include gitterboxes, KTP boxes and KLT boxes. However, we are happy to quote for any type of reusable shipping container. If you are interested, we will be happy to arrange a collection.

We also buy items for recycling – pallets, lids, sleeves, cardboard liners. Pallets made from already recycled material cannot be recycled.

    The life of packaging

    Our goal is to provide efficient solutions and cost savings for our partners. We achieve this mainly through a complete service.


    We emphasize efficient product protection, maximum space and cost savings in packaging production.


    What we design, we will make.


    If you do not want to buy packaging, you do not have to. We also offer rentals.


    You do not have to have excess packaging in your yard anymore. We will buy them from you.


    Offering a wide portfolio of standardized and customized packaging.


    Ecological washing of KTP, KLT, UNI/MEGA/ECO packs