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Rental of packaging

Let us know which type of packaging you would like to rent.

You don't have to buy packaging. You can rent them!

As part of the Lemmacon Rental System, we offer long-term and short-term rentals of a wide range of packaging, such as KLT, KTP, Euroboxes, Gitterboxes and standardized packaging for BMW, VW and others.

Advantages of renting

  • You only pay for the packaging you actually use. You can reduce or increase the quantity at any time according to your actual needs.
  • You reduce investment costs in logistics -> you only pay a fee for the use of packaging in the form of a monthly subscription.
  • Rental costs can be deducted as an operating expense and no long-term amortization is required. This way you can modernize your logistics while maintaining liquidity and flexibility.
  • The possibility to test containers in specific business conditions -> if the packaging passes the practical test and is profitable, then you can think about additional quantity increases.

Basic conditions

The rental of packaging is always bound by a rental agreement.
The calculation of prices (€/month/piece) is determined by the type of packaging, the quantity required and the duration of the rental.
We recommend to start renting at the beginning or in the middle of the month.

Most often in rental

KTP 114 888

Outside dimension: 1200 x 1000 x 990 mm
Internal dimension: 1140 x 940 x 815 mm

KTP 114 888

Outside dimension: 1600 x 1200 x 750 mm
Internal dimension: 1540 x 1140 x 560 mm

Our satisfied partners

The life of packaging

Our goal is to provide efficient solutions and cost savings for our partners. We achieve this mainly through a complete service.


We emphasize efficient product protection, maximum space and cost savings in packaging production.


What we design, we will make.


If you do not want to buy packaging, you do not have to. We also offer rentals.


You do not have to have excess packaging in your yard anymore. We will buy them from you.


Offering a wide portfolio of standardized and customized packaging.


Ecological washing of KTP, KLT, UNI/MEGA/ECO packs