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Standard packaging materials

We offer a wide range of quality packaging materials for the safe transport and storage of your products, including painted or chrome-plated parts.


Nonwovens have become a widely used material in the production of inserts for returnable transport and inter-operative packaging. They are very popular due to their ability to conform to the shape of the parts, thus achieving high density in the packaging unit.


A very economical and often used textile material for packaging especially lighter plastic parts. It is available in a variety of weights and colours. In addition to packaging, it is also used in automotive applications to produce components such as parts of ceiling panels or seats. It is also used for laminating PP boards.

  • Wide spectrum of colours
  • Antistatic capability


Highly functional, soft and smooth fabric that doesn’t loosen fibres, providing effective surface protection when transporting parts that are sensitive to abrasion.
Its strength makes it suitable for hanging systems in large metal pallets or pallet boxes. This breathable material repels water and acts as a UV filter, making it suitable for outdoor storage.

  • Suitable for painted parts
  • Soft and strong material


Highly durable and lightweight material that ensures safe handling of parts without the slightest damage. Fibre-proof and allows for the storage of a wide range of sensitive components, including painted parts before the paint has fully cured. Proven for packaging door panels, armrests, floor consoles, bumpers, headlights and more.

  • Suitable for painted parts
  • Antistatic

PVC sheeting

Thanks to the high strength (the most commonly used densities are 430 and 630 g/m2) and durability of this material, it is possible to sew customized inserts even for heavy parts. It is particularly suitable for suspension systems for large metal trolleys. Transparent PVC in a lower grammage is a popular material for lids for stackable boxes.

  • Suitable for heavy parts
  • Large choice of colours

Checkered foils

Unlike conventional foils, laminated foils are reinforced with a grid that provides them with significantly higher mechanical strength. The lower weight and durable structure make these films ideal for cover sheets for pallet boxes and large metal pallets that require manual handling by operators in production.

  • Ideal for cover sails
  • Various strengths and colours


The undeniable advantage of this synthetic fibre fabric is its very low weight. The slippery surface helps easy insertion and removal of plastic parts with smaller protrusions for attachment such as dashboards, radiator covers or bumper covers.

  • Lightweight and pliable material
  • Allows high densities

Polypropylene plates

PP plates are very easy to process. They are easy to cut, weld and drill. This, together with their excellent chemical properties and a wide operating temperature range from -20°C to +90°C, allows a huge range of applications.


It is essentially a “plastic carton” and can be used virtually anywhere disposable cartons are commonly used. Its structure, which combines low weight material and smooth walls, makes it perfect for lining fabric pockets, making liners, internal bridges or custom boxes with lower load capacity. It is also very popular in the advertising industry. We supply cardboard in a wide range of colours, thicknesses and densities.

  • Wide spectrum of colours
  • Anti-static and ESD capability
  • Deliverable with die-cut

Bubble plastic material

The very strong yet lightweight bubble structure of these universal polypropylene sheets secures them the number one choice of material for the manufacture of returnable customer packaging; customized stacking boxes, inserts and large pallet box shells. The boards can be produced in antistatic or ESD treatment or laminated. They are available in thicknesses from 2 to 12 mm and weights from 600 to 4000 g/m².

  • Specific RAL option
  • Antistatic and ESD option
  • Deliverable with die-cut

PP plates with lamination

Polypropylene boards can be supplied including single or double-sided lamination with different materials. In the automotive industry, the most commonly used sheets are laminated with Spunbond (production of inner grilles of boxes), BOPP film (the slippery smooth surface of cells made of this material ensures easy selection of parts) or foam.

  • Part impact protection
  • Deliverable with die-cut


The life of packaging

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